About us



“Years of experience culminated with a passion for food, wine and love for people!”

Growing up in Michigan, John May spent several years of his youth working in various Mom and Pop dining establishments. In 1989, he joined the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Corporation. Much of what he knows today came from his years of experience with the Ritz. Opening and working within four Ritz properties; he gained a passion for world-class food and wine and began to understand what it really means to create a memorable dining experience.

The Beautiful Wine Country

 After marrying his wife Kelly, they went on the whirlwind tour together. He worked in several wonderful and very challenging food and beverage operations, ending up years later in Atlanta. By this time they had accumulated many things; two wonderful baby girls, an understanding of where they wanted to spend the rest of their lives, and the unmistakable discovery of their love for food, wine and people.

John first met and worked with Tim Seyda at the Amelia Island Plantation. Tim was the General Manager and John was the Food and Beverage Director. Over time Tim, Kelly and John discovered that the three of them shared the same love for food and wine which lead to a rewarding friendship full of enjoyment and continued discovery. On more than one occasion, they traveled throughout America’s Wine Country together. Indulging in countless varietals of wine all paired with unbelievable food. It was an unforgettable experience!

Gathering with very close friends, they had a blast creating their favorite dishes including pizza. They even went as far as building a wood-fired, brick pizza oven in John's back yard (God Rest Her Soul). Almost nothing was more pleasing to them than spending time sharing their creations, with people they care about. Their past is filled with many great experiences. These memories have defined who they are and makes them so passionate about what they do today.

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